"I Can Do It"
The Earth stood still for a moment last night (April 12) as the news broke of Kobe Bryant's injury. But amidst the rumors of retirement, Kobe is determine to beat all odds. Hear from him in his own words inside.
Weezy announces tour with ti
Lil Wayne announces in a video that he’s good…well actually more than good!  Tunechi  thanks his fans for showing love during his 6 day stay in the hospital after suffering from multiple seizures. To prove that he is good as new, Wayne announces that he's going on tour with T...
Zombie Victim Recovery Pics [VIDEO]
The Nation was horrified by the images of Rudy Eugene eating the face off Ron Poppo last Month. Ever since, Florida doctors have been working to "close the holes" in the victim's face after a zombie like flesh eating attack. Video and photo of his recovering inside!
Eminem Ranks No. 6 On Billboards Top 200
After his explosive performances at the 53rd annual Grammy Awards, Eminem once again, leads the Billboard Top 200 albums charts. According to the latest Nielsen SoundScan report, Em’s sales figures has breezed past Nicki Minaj. About 60,700 fans went out and bought Shady’s Recovery album following the Grammys, earning him the No...