Puff Daddy

Howard Welcomes Dr Diddy [pics]
Today Music Mogul Sean P Diddy Combs received high honors at the University where he dropped out of. Not only did he give the commencement speech, he got a degree too!
Diddy To Give Howard U Speech
The #1 Wealthiest Hip Hop Artist on the Forbes list is invited to speak at Howard University's graduation. Cool right? The controversy come in when it's reveal that this black man didn't actually graduate from college. Details inside.
Big Homie Puffy is Back [VIDEO]
This NewTube line-up might look like a Throwback Thursday feature, with the "Big Homie" Puff Daddy spillin champagne, West Coast rappers singing about seeing the "Same Hoes" everywhere they go, Soulja Boy "Tell Em" & 50 Cent blowing &…