Oprah Winfrey

Can you say Commas?
Can you say bank account on lean? According to The Shade Room, Oprah invested $45 Million into Weight Watchers, which gave her a 10% stake in the company. I know 10% isn't so big but guess what happened 24 hours later after she announced her investment in the company stock...
Opening Day: "The Butler"
The long anticipated film "THE BUTLER" opens today at theaters everywhere and (as I said on Facebook) the movie seems to have some type of Spirit attached to it.... because you can FEEL there's something SPECIAL about this movie without even having seen it...
Store denies Oprah $38k Purse
Say Whaaa?? A store clerk in Switzerland racially profiled Oprah Winfrey and told her the purse was "too expensive" for her. Watch the video inside!

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