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Chubb Rock Interview [VIDEO]
The "Treat Em Right" rapper Chubb Rock is coming to Buffalo Oct. 3rd for the Old School Hip Hop Show in Buffalo. Find out what this Hip Hop Icon is up to in 2014 and why he says "I Am So Old School" in this exclusive interview with Jazzy T in the Afternoon!
Coming to Buffalo!
Legendary Hip Hop Artist Rob Base is coming to Buffalo Oct 3rd to help us celebrate 50 years of greatness! Check out this exclusive WBLK interview about how he got started in the business, what he's doing now and his advice for new artists...
It’s the hottest show of the fall the WBLK Celebrating 50 Years of Greatness Old School Hip Hop Show Friday, October 3rd at Shea’s; starring DMX, Rakim, Rob Base, EPMD, Chubb Rock, and Kool Moe Dee.