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Michael Jordan Opens a Health Care Clinic's That Will Serve..
Michael Jordan was my favorite player in the NBA growing up but what he just did for low income families in my eyes is worth more then the six championships, the multiple game winning shots, or any other accomplishments he achieved while in the NBA because the list definitely goes on...
Michael Jordan Speaks Out About Police / Community Relations
Based on thereports I've been reading this morning, Michael Jordan is notorious for having nothing to do with social activism.  What Michael Jordan did, as shown in the video below, is nothing short of shocking for most who know him.
Most are saying that Michael Jordan reacting in this fashion to the…
Michael's New Pair Of Jordans
Legendary basketball player Michael Jordan has a brand-new pair of Jordans...and these girls are said to be his favorite. His new wife just gave birth to twins!!
Jordan was Poisoned?
There's a conspiracy theory for everything, even one of Michael Jordan's greatest games. The legend goes that Jordan was terribly ill because of the flu when he scored 38 points to lead the Chicago Bulls past the Jazz in Utah in Game 5 of the 1997 NBA Finals...
Derrick Rose the Next MJ?
The 23 yr old Chicago Bull Star Derrick Rose graces the cover of GQ's May Issue.
Inside he opens up about the comparisons to the Bull legend #23 Michael Jordan.
First Female To Join Team Jordan!
Signing as the first Female to get a deal with the Jordan brand, Maya Moore after playing for her championship college team UCONN, was #1 WNBA Draft pick who was drafted to the Minnesota Lynx last month and is now the first female to become the face of team Jordan...

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