If You Have An iPhone 6 or 7, You Get $25 From Apple’s Lawsuit Claim
As long as you have the serial number of the phone, you are going to be in luck. Apparently, Apple decided to intentionally slow down the iPhone 6 and 7. Remember when they admitted to giving degraded batteries a few years back? Well, a class action lawsuite in the United States has started and you are entitled to a few bucks: The decision—which the company claimed was all about improving battery
You Should Back Up Your iPhone By April 7th — Here’s Why
One of the perks of Apple products and i-things is that they tout getting less viruses and being less hackable.  Well, stuff just got real for about 300 million iPhone users. The Turkish Crime Family, a group of hackers, somehow got a list of at least 300 MILLION people's iCloud passwords...
Beyonce’s Got An App!!
It's true! Beyonce now has her own OFFICIAL app for Iphone/Ipod/Ipad devices. It's based on her history-making shows at Roseland in New York City.
Muggers Want Your iPhone, Not Your Droid or Blackberry
A group of thieves in Manhattan have become pretty particular when it comes to the types of smartphones they are stealing. If you get held up by them and have an iPhone on you; plan on giving it up. If you have a Droid or Blackberry you'll have to give up your cash but you'll keep your phone...
What’s Your Favorite Mobile Phone OS? [VOTE]
While sitting back at my desk today, I started to ponder about cell phone technology and became curious as to how our WBLK audience connects to the internet. Personally, I would like to consider myself a geek – always interested in the latest gadgets that are either coming out or already out...

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