Guess Who’s Home is in Foreclosure? OJ Simpson
Considering that OJ is serving 9 to 33 years in jail for Armed Robbery & Kidnapping; I’m sure he has bigger problems to worry about, but it appears his 4200 square foot home near downtown Miami is in foreclosure.
According to documents filed with the Miami-Dade County Clerk, J…
Foreclosure Help is Available
We've heard quite a bit lately about different stars who have lost a home (or are in danger of losing a home) to foreclosure... R. Kelly, Diamond, 'Octomon', just to name a few of the many who have gone thru foreclosure.
Now when that happens we all laugh cause we think they have all this money and …
Diamond Sets The Record Straight
A few days ago Adri-V reported that Diamond's (from Crime Mob) home was in Foreclosure and she was in great danger of losing the home.
It's being reported on Straight From The A dot Com that Diamond did it as a business decision, similar to what many others have done...