Frozen Shrimp Recalled Over Salmonella Concerns
If you've bought frozen shrimp in the past few months, it may be advisable for you to check your freezers. Avanti Frozen Foods is recalling several shrimp products after the FDA tested and found Salmonella in a sample of frozen cooked shrimp.
National Gay Blood Drive Day
In 1977, the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) ordered that ANY MAN THAT HAS HAD SEX WITH ANOTHER MAN CANNOT DONATE BLOOD. These particular men are identified and classified as being in the MSM group.
Oxycontin for Kids? [HOT TOPIC TUESDAY]
After all the reports of teens sneaking their parents prescription drugs and falling victim to the most abused perscription drug, Oxycontin, the makers are now working on a "kid-friendly" version of the painkiller. Purdue Pharm is looking for 154 kids to test out "Oxycontin for Kids." Any volunteers?