Darius Pridgen

Racial Profiling?
The President of the Buffalo Common Council, Darius Pridgen, says that police harassed his guests, simply because they were African-American!
Mobile Job Center
Wow, this is an amazing idea that has come upon us. Opportunities aren't as visible as they've seemed in the past. True Bethel Church has launched the first 'Mobile Job Command Center'. This isn't something done overnight, I'm sure strategic planning and focusing played…
Reporter Challenges Pridgen!
After reading the article written by local journalist Carolette Meadows my eyebrows are definitely raised! (WATCH INTERVIEW WITH CAROLETTE MEADOWS BELOW)
It's not so much that Meadow's accusations are "unbelievable", more-so it's the information stated and presented&n…
Mascia Uses Racial Slurs
How do you call ANYONE a F**k N-Word and then claim it wasn't Racially Motivated?  Well just ask Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority Commissioner Joe Mascia! Mascia is speaking out about his use of the term in reference to Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown as well as Darius Pridgen...