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Micheal Blackson is coming to Shea's with Jess Hilarious
Make sure to save the date people. Micheal Blackson will be making his way back to Buffalo for another comedy show and this time he is bringing the very talented Jess Hilarious with him. It's the Micheal Blackson vs Jess Hillarious comedy show and its seems like some roasting will be in-store..…
Alex Thomas Live @Tralf 5.22
You've seen this man on every TV show from Jamie Foxx, Martin, Girlfriends & Moesha to classic films from The Players Club, Just Married, BAPS, and The Wash! Now see Alex Thomas Live at The Tralf, Memorial Day weekend.
Jazzy T goes on air with the new dad as he prepares his return to Buf…
finesse mitchell !
Win tickets to see comedian / actor / author Finesse Mitchell today! Click here for a preview of this weekend's show at the Helium Club!