Cheerleader Remix
In April 2014 I named Jamacian artist OMI's Cheerleader #1 on Jazzy's Top 5 Jamz of the week and today June 9th 2015 he finds success on US Charts, coming in at #4 on iTunes thanks to a funky remix. Check this out!
Hunter's Pics Cause UPROAR
When 19 Year-Old Kendall Jones isn't Cheerleading..she's out in the WILD...BIG GAME HUNTING!!!!  The problem (for her) is that she posts her "kills" on her Facebook Page...and that's caused an UPROAR!!!! (no pun intended)
Many want Facebook to intervene and shut …
Jazzy's Jamz -- April 14
5. Tank - You're My Star
Tank is on a mission to make a bold comeback, delivering classic "happy" R&B. This track is a Jazzy Jam because it celebrates women, instead of telling us to twerk! He explains the create process of "You're my star" in the…