Burger King

Burger King Apologizes For Insensitive Ad
There has been an outcry to the United States fast food chain after airing what some are calling an 'insensitive' ad.
The ad was on their Instagram with someone using over sized chopsticks and struggling to eat their new “Vietnamese Sweet Chilli Tendercrisp Burger.&CloseCurlyDoubleQuo…
Buffalo Talks Obesity
Burger King just announced they are offering an extra long cheese burger covered in butter!! I am vegan, so it sounds disgusting to me, but I know plenty of people who would kill for that burger! Whose fault is it that Americans are obese and unhealthy, the fast food restaurants who offer so many …
Roof Served Burger King In Jail
Blacks in America are seen as problems way before they are seen as People!!!
Posted by Quadir Lateef on Friday, June 19, 2015
21 year old Dylan Roof is a self-proclaimed White Supremacist who went out on a mission "To Kill Black People" on June 17th 2015. He was pulled over by Shelby Pol…