It’s not easy being one of the most high-profiled rappers in the game. Just ask T.I. Although he’s a major celebrity in Atlanta, Tip also a regular guy who goes to the gas station to pump gas in his car. However, the Grand Hustle leader's recent errand at a BP gas station got chaotic when an overzealous fan cornered the rapper to take a selfie with him.

In the video above, you can see Tip tells the eager male fan that he’s taking too many selfies and is invading his personal space. “How many goddamn selfies you gonna take? You a grown ass man...” Tip tells the man as he continues to keep shooting pics.

In the second video below, T.I. is clearly frustrated as the male fan continues to talk to Tip long after he gets his selfies in. “I ain’t playing no games n----, I’m kicking some real n---- s---. You standing all close to me, leaning on my truck and s---," says an angry Tip. "You getting way too close and I don’t know you like that."

In the third video, hilarity ensues as T.I. argues with the male fan who walks away feeling rejected while the man's friend is yelling at Tip about his attitude. Meanwhile, a female patron steps up and tells T.I. that she will be his security guard while he's pumping his gas.

Afterward, she snaps a photo of T.I. posing with her tween daughter. The look on Tip's face is absolutely priceless. You can tell that he's ready to leave the station and move on with his day.

Thankfully, it appears the heated situation between T.I. and the male fan was handled without major drama, and both parties were able to peacefully go their separate ways.

Watch T.I.'s hilarious encounter with a fan above and below.

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