A listener sent us this photo of what appears to be a car that has two wheels missing! The car is also held up by a single cinder block. Traditionally, this is a sign that there are thieves at work in the area. The snowbank along the side of the road may have kept them from taking the other two wheels.

Photo by Mike S

Wheels can be very valuable and many of them are popping up on sites like Facebook Marketplace or Craig's list. There has recently been a string of stolen cars in areas around Western New York. It was just over the last couple of months that cars were reported stolen in the Lancaster area. Police remind us to lock car doors and keep valuables out of view. Take your keys or key fob with you and don't give thieves an opportunity to take your car.

This is a common way for thieves to strip things quickly off a car and leave it quickly. As a matter of fact, it was just a year ago that this police cruiser was found left in a similar way.

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