The Steve and Marjorie Harvey Foundation (consisting of Steve Harvey and his wife) is on a 'Mission' and looking for your help.

The overall mission of The Steve and Marjorie Harvey Foundation is to provide outreach to fatherless children and young adults, by promoting educational enrichment, one-on-one mentoring and global service initiatives that will cultivate the next generation of responsible leaders.

Steve Harvey has made a pledge to exercise four hours per day for an entire month in an effort to raise dollars to send Fatherless Boys to his Mentoring Camp, as well as provide funds for the mentoring of young Boys and Girls in general throughout the entire United States!  NordicTrack donated the equipment making it possible for Steve to complete this commendable mission he has embarked upon!

WATCH STEVE HARVEY'S 'CHARITY RIDE' ... LIVE!!!:  (Click the Video Link Below)

Overview : The Steve & Marjorie Harvey Foundation (VIDEO):

VIDEO: Steve Harvey Mentoring Program : Los Angeles 2016

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