It's not often that you get more than 200 chances to win cash.

Not just cash, but some serious cash.

Like $30,000.

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Thanks to WBLK and Harvey's Hundreds, you get 10 chances to win $100 every day and qualify for the grand prize of $30,000.

But have you ever sat down and thought about what exactly you would spend $30,000 on?

We asked our friends and family on Facebook that exact question and you did not disappoint with your answers and suggestions.

What would you spend the money on?

Would you go on a vacation, maybe take care of some bills, or ball out in the club? Maybe you'd get some rims for that rust bucket of yours, or buy a new frontal? Whatever it is, I'm sure that money could be put to some good use.

Here are some of the top suggestions that people in Buffalo said they would spend the money on if they won:

  1. Pay the rent for 10 families. One person said they would do something really helpful for the community and pay quite a few people's rent. Answers like this serve as a reminder of why Buffalo is the City of Good Neighbors.
  2. Buy a home. Quite a few people would use their cash as a downpayment toward buying a home. Considering how many great houses are for sale in Western New York, this is a great idea.
  3. Spend $40, and still have $29,960 left. There's a lot you can do with $40.
  4. Make some home repairs. Considering that Buffalo has some of the oldest homes in America, this is a reasonable thing to spend some cash on. I know my house could use a few updates, and $30,000 can go help you get quite a few things done.
  5. Pay off debt. One of the bad things about the last two years is there were a lot of people who were out of work and they subsequently fell behind on bills, so using this chunk of cash will help us get caught up.
  6. Invest in the community. Quite a few people said they would invest in some positive neighborhood activities, be it a local small business or a community project. Buffalonians help Buffalonians and this is another great example of that.
  7. Buy a new car. $30,000 in cash can really help you get a great used car or a hefty downpayment towards a brand-new car. Good idea.
  8. Build wealth. Whether it's investments, high-yield savings, or something else, this cash would be a great amount of start-up capital to really make a dent in building some long-term assets.
  9. Go on vacation. It could be a cruise, going to lay on the beach, or flying to Europe, we have worked hard all year and you deserve a vacation.

What are some things you would buy if you won Harvey's Hundreds?

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