When you live in Buffalo, dealing with snowfall becomes second hand nature to you, but you learn to deal with it. A snow blower becomes your secret weapon when you live in the city that has won the Golden Snow Globe Award a handful of times.

And while you may have become a professional at working the snow blower, you may be guilty of this one costly winter mistake that many people forget once the snow melts for the season.

Luckily for you, there is still some time to fix it, though not much.

One Western New Yorker posted a pro-tip in the Reddit thread for Buffalo this week, giving a friendly neighborhood reminder to “run your snow blowers dry of gas when you get a minute.”


Save yourself a headache next winter & run your snow blowers dry so the gas doesn't gum up the fuel system. Stabilized fuel may be fine to leave in the tank, but if your snow blower has the feature to stop fuel from the tank to the fuel system, at least run any lingering fuel out that remains.

It seems like though this post comes at an impromptu time, considering that we are supposed to see some snow on Wednesday…lol.

Some people commented that they have stored their snow blowers for the season with a full tank of gas and seemed to have no issues. However, I wouldn’t want to take the risk.

One person joined the Reddit thread to share that they could hear the exact sound of a snow blower running in their neighborhood until the gas was used up. However, the Reddit user made a good point. He said, “We will wait just a few more weeks as out here, a lot can and usually does change weatherwise.”

You just never know with Buffalo weather. The second you allow your snow blower to run dry seems to be the exact moment when Mother Nature calls for the random, yet not necessarily unexpected, out-of-season snowstorm.

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