I have used Skip the dishes a lot of times. I have come accustom to their Rich variety of restaurants.  I never knew that it was started in Canada and its mainly an app and online website, and will no longer be serving the dozens of local restaurants in Erie County. Skip is leaving the entire US.

Like one of my favorite spots is exclusively on Skip which is  Eggsperience Vasilis  and will no longer be on the app.

Owners at both Ru's and Eggsperience say the service used to be outstanding, delivering food to customers in a timely fashion. But over the past few months complaints have increased, consisting of late deliveries, cold food and drivers not even showing up.

Per WKBW, Skip The Dishes released this statement on their website:

Skip has entered into an agreement to transition the operations of our six markets in the United States to Grubhub. Our focus is on building our business and brand at home in Canada and fueling international food delivery as part of the Just Eat Group. We will continue to update our partners and customers as we get closer to completing this transition.


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