What's going on?

This is the Biggest Cigar Event to Hit Buffalo
This event if for all my Buffalo smokers.
Buffalo's Premier Cigar Event, Blended is going down.   Enjoy a full lunch, sip on fine bourbons and get expert advice on cigar blending, cutting, pairings and more! Join us on Saturday, August 10th at Blended...
Getting you ready for Amazon Prime Day
This is like Christmas in July. Amazon is celebrating their birthday with its 36 hours of deals.
Starting Monday, July 15th, at 3 am, Amazon says more than a million products will be on sale for two days.
Here are some things to keep in mind before you start shopping:

Become a Prime member if you would…
Buffalo Hot Dog Contest from the Bison’s
Im pretty simple when it comes to topping my Hot Dog. Im a ketchup and mustard dude.  The Buffalo Bisons are giving you the chance to share your favorite one with thousands of Western New Yorkers.
The Bisons launched what it's calling the " Top Your Dog " contest…
The $80 Wegmans Coupon on Social Media is Fake
This is fake??? I seen this posted onto somebody's FB last night and they where like Ima about to BBQ all weekend long.
Here is the deal, If you see an $80 Wegmans coupon on social media, don't click on it. Wegmans Food Markets says the coupon is a scam involving a fraudulent Facebook post.…
Drake post the OVO Fest Line up
Whew Drake did it with this one!!  Drake dropped the full lineup for his upcoming OVO Fest and he will be joined on stage by several artists including B2K, Mario, Lloyd, Pretty Ricky, Ying Yang Twins, Chingy, and Bobby V.
Below are all the details that he posted to his IG...
Taco Bell Themed Hotel is Selling Out Quick
We all know that it is Taco Tuesday, and I can really go from some Tacos right now lol..
Taco Bell opened up reservations at it’s pop-up hotel in Palm Springs, California and Instantly  70 rooms to sold out. Rates started at $169 per night...
Check out this list of some dog-friendly patios in Buffalo
Its always fun to hang out with your puppy especially, while you grab a drink
Below is a list of  some dog-friendly patios that are perfect for  the dog and you.

Acropolis–Dogs must remain outside the railing
Cafe 59 
Caffe Aroma
This new app is like Uber for lawn care
I hate cutting the grass but this app is going to help me out alot and Im so happy its coming to it' Buffalo. Greenpal is a new app that connects lawn care companies to customers.
Here's how it works. Customers simply go in, state their needs and select their vendor, accordi…
How to save money on the rides at Canal Fest
Canal Fest is coming up really soon and you can save some loot on the ride and entry. Here is the deal you can pay for one-price wristbands that will be available every day the rides are open which is Monday, July 15 - Sunday, July 21. The wristbands will be $25 each...
Salvation Army wants to hire more drivers
I have dropped off a couple of my old clothes inside a  Salvation Army donation box a couple time and never have a thought who comes to pick these thing up.  I
With more than 100 boxes from Lockport to Springville-- seven Salvation Army drivers are out everyday emptying the boxes this accor…
Would you try "Ranch Pop Tarts"
I remember when I first got to Buffalo and asked for ranch for my wings. You would have thought I committed a crime. The folks at the bar looked at me like I was crazy. I not sure how I feel about this move by Pop Tarts. This could go a couple ways but Im not sure I will try this out...
Where to see fireworks tomorrow
So look people. Folks continue to call my show asking me about where to watch the fireworks for July 3rd. They doing their own thing for the 4th but want to see some firework's tomorrow. This is what I have done, I have went thru every list and posted where you can see some fireworks tomorrow..…
Buffalo Pools are Open Today
Its the first day of July and the city pools are open.
Mayor Byron Brown will announce that all city pools are open to the public and all city splash pads will be open daily from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Here's a list of city of Pools below...
Where To Watch Fireworks For The 4th In Buffalo
The 4th of July isn't complete without experiencing at least one amazing fireworks show! Lucky for Buffalonians, there are several shows going doing down through out the week leading up to the 4th and through the weekend too! This is perfect because if you one due to the rainy weather expected …
Bring out the Grill this weekend
Summer is here, well, at least for a couple of days. It's been along time coming and from our people form the 4 Warn Weather department, we got some good news just look below and smile like your Lil Duval. It will be 80s for the end of the week into the weekend...