Shoppers who love name brands, but also love saving money will soon have a new store to shop at. I shopped at this store for YEARS when I lived in the South, but when I looked it up in Western New York, there wasn't one. I can't lie, I was disappointed. But now, a Ross Dress for Less is slated to open in Cheektowaga.

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Since 1982, our focus has been on bringing our customers a constant stream of high-quality department and specialty store brands at extraordinary savings (aka bargains) while providing an easy, fun and organized shopping experience.

If you're not familiar with Ross Dress for Less, it is similar to a Marshalls or TJ Maxx (although it always seems to be a bit messier, which is why that last part about "organized" is hilarious). But, I don't want to pre-judge based on other Ross stores I've been to. It will be a new location, so they will probably keep it clean and organized for at least the first few weeks, maybe even months.

I would actually say their prices are a bit cheaper than the other two stores. The WNY Ross Dress for Less store will be located at Union Consumer Square in Cheektowaga. Currently, the closest Ross store in the U.S. to WNY is in Erie, Pennsylvania.

I tried looking it up using Ross' website's store locator, but nothing came up for WNY. The sign above the door at the new location simply says "Opening soon." According to WGRZ, it should be open by the end of 2023, probably right on time for the holiday shopping season.

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