A hard-hitting hip-hop-influenced track and a mid-tempo ballad about lost love that could be directed to Chris Brown are among four tracks featured on a leaked clip of music from Rihanna's 'Unapologetic' album. The audio is not high quality, but it gives us our first big taste of what to expect from RiRi's seventh studio album.

The clip opens with a portion of the first track on the album, the David Guetta-produced 'Fresh Out the Runway.' With its intense hip-hop beat, a sing-rap delivery and lyrics loaded with expletives, the song may be one of the edgiest tracks Rihanna has ever recorded.

Next comes 'Love Without Tragedy,' a breakup tune in which RiRi claims that she and her man were like Marilyn Monroe and James Dean. RiRi might be singing about Chris Brown when she croons, "You took the best years of my life / I took the best years of your life / Felt like love struck me in the night / I pray that love don't strike twice."

'Lost in Paradise' features electro whooshes and a brief Jay-Z sample, while 'Loveeeeeee Song' is more of an R&B slow jam featuring a vocal duet with Future. Rihanna sings, "Boy, I just wanna be in your possession / You say I'm the one you want so come express it."

'Unapologetic' drops on Nov. 19, and we like what we've heard so far! What's your favorite song from the album right now?

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