It can happen to the best of us.

All it takes is a slip of the tongue, an overly fatigued mind or a moment of flustered confidence/stage fright for a contestant to assuredly list "alligator" as the name of an animal spelled with three letters, or to completely make up a phrase that has probably never before been uttered in human history. ("Self potato," anyone?)

Thankfully, these types of game show screw-ups make for wildly entertaining television, often causing us to leap up from our couches in utter disbelief. (Let's face it: These moments are the main reason we continue watching!)

Below, check out seven of the most ridiculous and hilarious TV game show fails ever.

Even 1970s Family Feud host Richard Dawson can't stop laughing at this woman's perplexing answer to the question, "During what month of pregnancy does a woman begin to look pregnant?" Her confident response, "September," results in a deliciously awkward pause before both the audience and host burst into laughter. The expression on her face when she realizes her error makes the moment all the more funny.

Apparently, someone didn't watch enough Harry Potter growing up. When this Wheel of Fortune contestant has to fill in the blanks for "Magic Wand" — the "i" and "w," specifically — he goes through nearly every letter of the alphabet before the buzzer goes off. "Wand!" he shouts after the opportunity has passed, clutching his head and groaning. It's frustrating and you feel bad for him, but it's still pretty ridiculous.

Not all who wander are lost, but when David wins a trip to Venice, he probably won't know where in the world he is: After this couple earns a trip to Italy, Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak checks the pair's "geography knowledge" and asks which country Venice is in. "Paris," the husband quips, before "correcting" himself: "France!" Don't worry: They still win the trip.

They say you should always get plenty of sleep before an exam, but the same rule should probably apply to appearing on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?, too. Poor fatigued college junior Chase learns this the hard way when he totally blows it on the first (and easiest!) question. Running on no sleep and too much coffee, he completely forgets what a surge protector is used for. Host Meredith Vieira's pained, empathetic expression after he botches his chance at fortune is all of us.

Thinking on your feet can be difficult, even more so sometimes when the answer you're looking for is actually quite simple. These two Family Feud contestants just can't catch a break when asked to name an animal spelled with three letters, but at least the first guy gets close with "frog." As for "alligator," well... we'll let the audience's howling laughter do the talking here.

Some folks are just set up to fail, but this college student participating on Wheel of Fortune really is his own enemy. The moment he mispronounces the name "Achilles," you know it's just going to go all down hill from there. ("On-the-spot die spin," really?)

There's not much too say about this brilliantly bizarre Wheel of Fortune flub, other than: "self potato," really??? That's not even a thing!

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