No matter your stance on politics, you probably love history and the history of Buffalo is probably something you are very interested in. I found a video on Twitter of when President Kennedy came to Buffalo and spoke in front of a very large crowd!

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To see the way Buffalo looked in the 60's is really neat and the video quality is not bad at all!
When we were kids, I remember my father had some signs and buttons that said "Vote JFK". They were kept in a closet in the house and I had no idea at the time how cool those things were. This visit to Buffalo happened only 13 months before President Kennedy was shot in Dallas. My father always talked about how great Kennedy was and how much of an impact his death had on he and my mother at the time.

It was October of 1962 when JFK was in Buffalo on what looked like a beautiful day and an estimated crowd of over 100,000 people were in attendance!

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