Marijuana significantly impairs judgment, motor coordination, and reaction time, studies have shown a direct relationship between blood THC concentration and impaired driving ability. According to WIVB, Erie County DA John Flynn has taken a very firm stance on some of the provisions in the bill to legalize marijuana.

John Flynn is one of the people who support the legalization of marijuana, but he strongly disagrees with a provision in the current bill that calls for driving under the influence of the drug to be bumped from a misdemeanor to a violation. I know people that use marijuana all the time and are very high functioning people, but there is no way that I would get in a vehicle with them, or would want to possibly be in an accident with someone who's impaired by marijuana.

Erie County DA John Flynn mentioned that this would take the drug off the list of controlled substances, which means his office would not be able to prosecute those cases.

This is maybe the worst decision, I've ever heard of in my life, if this ever passes, that is ridiculous-I think of the message it sends.

Said, John Flynn according to WIVB.

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New York State is extremely close to legalizing recreational marijuana. In my opinion, I think this part of the bill really needs to be examined and reconsidered. If drivers that are driving while under the influence of alcohol can face serious penalties, it should be the same for any other drug.

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