Earrings and shoes. Beyonce, Lady Gaga and Azealia Banks, all super popular pop stars known for their unique and enviable fashion sense, have several closets full of those accessories. However, the other day, Bey shared a shot of big hoop earrings with the word "Ratchet" inside of them next to a pair of purple, leopard print, hairy-looking loafers. It set the web abuzz with rumors that it's a tease and a hint of a collabo between these two female titans of pop and an up 'n coming "It" rapper. Bey? Gaga? Azealia? On one song? The world would stop spinning on its axis.

Bey wore the earrings in her retro Houston Rockets photo. Gaga wore similar "Ratchet" hoops in a candid shot in November.

Want more info?

Billboard reports that Gaga told little monsters during a chat on her social networking site that she may release a song called 'Ratchet' or 'Tea' as the lead 'ARTPOP' single in January. Whoa, this is all moving a little fast.

How does Miss Banks factor into all of this? Well, she also revealed that she and Gaga worked on a song, remotely and digitally. Billboard further reports that there are two tracks; one is called 'Red Flame' and the other is 'Ratchet.' Banks had indicated that the songs are Gaga's, to do with as she wishes.

So you are probably wondering if this is a Gaga song or a Bey song? It sounds like it might be leaning towards 'ARTPOP,' given the LittleMonsters.com chat. Also, Gaga said that it was taking a long time since she wrote all her own songs and created them from nothing with friends … like Bey and Azealia?

Ma Monster also tweeted back in October that there would be a continuation of her and Bey's track 'Telephone,' which was later deleted. When a lil' monster asked if there would be a reprise, she tweeted "fact."

If this is indeed a go, Miss Banks just got herself an upgrade, too!

Our heads are spinning over this. And to think it has nothing do with 'Cake,' which had been teased and then ... stopped.

Watch the Lady Gaga + Beyonce 'Telephone' Video

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