Raekwon released his new project, The Wild, last week to good reviews from both fans and critics. While everyone is enjoying his new music, many are wondering why there weren’t any Wu-Tang Clan members on the album.

In an interview with HipHopDX, the Chef says matter-of-factly that having a Wu member on his album isn’t a necessity at this point.

"So my thing is just to let the world know that I’m an artist and my brothers always got my back whether they’re [on my album] or not," he states. "And it don’t matter because I feel like you boxing me in when you tell me I have to have it a certain kind of way to survive and I don’t feel like that’s fair to an artist. Some albums they may be involved with it, some they may not. That don’t necessarily mean you take away my credentials because you feel like a certain individual should be on it."

"So, I don’t really get caught up in all that," he continues. "Every [Wu-Tang member] is doing their own thing right now. We grown and everybody is going their direction and I knew if I wanted to get them [on The Wild], it’s nothing but a phone call but at the same time, I wanted to take this role on my own and really create what I want to introduce at this point."

Rae also addressed Wu member U-God's reported $2.5 million lawsuit against the Wu-Tang Clan. In his suit, U-God claims that he hasn't received revenue from twelve Wu-Tang albums for at least the last 6 years.

Rae said that he met with U-God recently and they are still cool. Apparently, the media has it all wrong regarding U-God's legal case.

"We was laughing about it and s---," he said. "He was like 'Yo, man, c’mon man, that s--- don’t even make any sense' to be dealing with [Wu-Tang] on that level. From what he telling me, that was just media just twisting things around. Whatever he gotta do...he man, of course...I mean, he want answers! And that’s what it’s all about.

"But we solid. I’m solid with all my brothers," he added. "Like I said, I love them more than anything when it comes to what we created. But I can't read what [U-God's] feeling today with his own personal life."

You can read Raekwon's full interview with HipHopDX here.

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