According to MetroNetworks News:

Seattle Pig Farmer Feeds Animals Marijuana

(Seattle, WA)  --  A pig farmer in Washington state says the secret to better bacon may be marijuana.  Seattle's BB Ranch founder William von Scheneidau tells he's started using the leftover stems, stalks, and leaves from the state's now-legal dispensaries to feed his animals.  Von Scheneidau -- who says he doesn't smoke any pot himself -- explains that the pigs that eat the weed usually just lie around, ultimately gaining weight 20-percent faster than those that don't.  Those extra pounds lead to pork with a marbled, fattier texture, and many people taking part in so-called "blind bacon tests" say the weed-infused meat is "more savory."  Von Scheneidau says his special pork is constantly selling out, but it's not necessarily because the customers have the munchies.  He says no one has reported getting high while eating or cooking the meat.

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