Many times the WBLK DJ's are frustrated!  Here's Why:  Often times there are HIGHLY IMPORTANT NEW STORIES that materialize... such as... Beyonce Lip-Syncing the National Anthem, Manti Te'o fabricating his girlfriend's death, Mariah Carey & Nicki Minaj fighting on American Idol, etc.... Then there are the other HIGHLY IMPORTANT NEWS STORIES AND TOPICS...such as... "The Budget", Unemployment, The Economy, Gun Control, etc...

Frustration sets in when we attempt to engage our listeners in conversation regarding the issues "WE" deem most "IMPORTANT"... more-so along the lines of "The Budget", Economy, Gun Control, etc...but what normally happens is that those topic get very little to NO RESPONSE from listeners...CONSISTENTLY.  Now if there's some tragedy like Newtown, or Trayvon Martin, or something EXTREME, we'll get major feedback... but issues of a more political and social nature are seemingly frowned upon.  So our jobs become such that it's an issue of supply and demand..if no one is buying asparagus in my store but they are buying junk food...I'm probably going to have more junk food available to my customers than I am asparagus.  It's the same way with the topics we choose when writing Blogs and postings on FB.  we WANT TO expose and talk about things far more severe than Beyonce Lip-Syncing the National Anthem...but find ourselves writing for the four walls that surround us.

So we often wonder... why?  Why is it "we" (as a community) seemingly care less about the important issues and they end up taking a backset to the more ridiculous items and topics.  Let's talk about THAT!!!!!!

Is it laziness?  Is it complacency, time constraints, plain lack of interest in what's important?....WHAT IS IT???  Sometimes it's even like pulling teeth to get our FB Friends to click on the links we create on Facebook which bring listeners to the WBLK Website...but it entails the FB Friend clicking on the link....which seldom happens....WHY!!!??  We can have 12,890 people see a FB Post..but only 10 or 12 likes on the website with far less than 12,890 people visiting the website.

What's your opinion regarding this?... (while you're at this...let's both you and I pay attention to the percentages of how people respond respond BELOW should be VERY INTERESTING!!!)


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