One Southlake, Texas rapper had his rap music video shoot interrupted by local police after neighbors allegedly saw him and his friends toting what looked like real guns.

According to a report Texas' Fox 35 News published on Thursday (Aug. 8), residents in the Southlake neighborhood called authorities on Monday after they saw a group of men wearing bulletproof vests and holding guns while taking photos in front of a home. Apparently, the men were filming a rap video at the wrong house.

As captured on body cam video by a police officer, a team of cops drew rifles on them as they approached a vehicle where the video shoot was staged and ordered the men to keep their hands up in the air. The men obeyed the police commands and no one was injured.

According to the news outlet, the officers soon discovered that the guns were airsoft rifles and the men were wearing fake bulletproof vests. The men also had bags of sugar to replicate kilos of cocaine.

The men told police that they were on the property to shoot a rap video but ended up at the wrong house on the wrong street. The men were released without arrest.

"This was a great job of the citizens following officer commands, keeping a cool head, and understanding why we showed up in the first place," Southlake DPS wrote on its Facebook account. "Our officers also should be commended for their attention to detail, excellent training, and meticulous investigating."

XXL has reached out to the Southlake police for additional comment.

You can watch the Fox 35 News report below.

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