Some people might be little too eager to start their summer fun. The NY Daily News is reporting that a woman from New York state found out the hard way that cars don't run underwater, after crashing her vehicle into a family's backyard swimming pool. Officials say that drugs and alcohol played a part in the crashed that occurred late Tuesday night.

Police say the 24 year-old woman was driving her Mazda3 in Ronokonkoma when she lost control after making a turn. From there, a wild series on events unfolded, as police say the woman hit a parked car and then went straight through a nearby fence. Her late night journey ended when she and her Mazda plunged into a swimming pool in the neighbor's backyard. Police say the East Patchogue woman was able to get out of the sinking vehicle unharmed. The Daily News did not indicate if there was any extensive damage to the pool, nor how officials removed the car from the water.

Police have charged the pool plunger with driving while ability impaired and drug possession.

A somewhat similar incident happened in late April, as WHAM says that an alleged drunk driver went off road, struck two parked cars, and then smashed into a nearby house in the town of Clarkson. WHAM reports that the impact even caused a gas leak after a gas meter was damaged after the crash. The driver suffered minor injuries, according to police. There is no word if anyone was in the house at the time of the crash.

Now if you're talking about accidents involving vehicles and swimming pools, you may remember this story from 2019. NBC says it started when an SUV somehow ran off road and barreled through the woods, crashed through a couple of fences, then went airborne and took a plunge in a 10 foot deep swimming pool. The SUV hit the water with such an impact that it even caused a "tsunami" of sorts, as NBC says a large pool wave hit the nearby house in Port Washington. Police did not say if mechanical error was the cause of the accident, or if the motorist just couldn't  drive worth s***.

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