reports that Slip-N-Slide recording artist Plies and an independent label formerly based in Miami is being sued by a Charlotte, North Carolina songwriter.

Romell Caldwell filed the suit Monday in The United Stated District Court For the Southern District of New York New York, claiming Plies stole the song "Bond Money."

The lawsuit names  for copyright infringement.

Caldwell stated he wrote and copyrighted a song titled "Dim Hits" in 2001. Around 2004, he claims he submitted a copy of his copyrighted song to Trina in 2004.

Caldwell says he was shocked to learn that parts of his song had been used in the song "Bond Money" from Plies' 2008 mixtape, 36 Ounces.

Caldwell claims Plies was never authorized the use and that the track continues to be sold through various retail and online outlets.

The songwriter claims Trina, Slip-N-Slide and Plies copied, reproduced and distributed the work without his consent.

He is seeking an injunction stopping the sales of the song, and monotary damages.