Well I asked some LOYAL FB FRIENDS this morning what Ishould BLOG about today and here's what I got:

  • Vic Brown What the listeneres think of the Fiscal Cliff matter ,..... What does everyone think about the mild winter were having again, and do they think global warming is the cause ..........
  • Katrina Ann Smith What people think about the Obama care
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  • Tasha Ervin-garner Is it the coward's way out...a new epidemic with me killing they're wives or girlfriends then killing themselves.
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  • Stephanie Fair Dodd I like Tasha's suggestion killing wives and then themselves and babies . .It 's like you hear a story every week and think about the stories that happen state to state that don't make national news .It is so sad and I know people that have children can relate I know I can it makes me want to hold My 17 yr old boy 15 yr old girl and my 2 yr old close .
    All suggestions were GREAT...Vic Brown's Fiscal Cliff, and Global Warming suggestion was good but UNFORTUNATELY, people tend to shy away from topics that REALLY matter...we're always trying to figure that out at the station...as well as figure why it is when we DO Blog about serious matters, no one responds..but when we talk about trivial stuff, people complain we're not being serious enough....HUH!!!!????  Katrina Ann Smith's suggestion to talk about ObamaCare was great as well...but...TOO SERIOUS!!! LOL...(that's crazy isn't it?)
    Tasha Ervin-Garner suggested talking about MEN...(always a responsive topic)...and specifically why men are taking the cowardly way OUT these days and killing their wives and kids and them themselves.  Tasha suggested that this seems to be the "thing to do" these days.  Then Stephanie Fair Dodd suggested the same topic...so it was a wrap...Men Killing Their Wives wins out!
    Now here's "THE KICKER"!!!!!  I immedaiately went to YouTube and typed in, MEN KILLING THEIR WIVES and whjat I was thinking of doing was posting a few Video NewsCast examples of this happening across the country... but when the page came up I WAS SHOCKED!!!!!  This definitely took a few different twists and turns by the time I was done browsing related YouTube videos!!!!!!!
    Here's what I saw: (It kind of tweaked the topic a slight bit):

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