As I sit here in the historic Rand Building in Downtown Buffalo, broadcasting to the masses of Western New Yorkers this holiday season, I got to thinking.  What if Die Hard took place here in Buffalo, this building would be the perfect spot for it.  It's got historical appeal, a security guard in the lobby, multiple elevator shafts, and at 28 stories tall, it would be the perfect Buffalo setting for Hans Gruber to plummet to his demise.

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Why am I thinking about Die Hard on Christmas week?  Well, as you may have heard by now there's a debate that rages these days between two camps.  The PRO Die Hard is a Christmas Movie camp and those that are just plain wrong.  It's a debate that has gained a tremendous amount of steam over the last several years.  Whether or not the 1988 classic "Die Hard" is a Christmas movie or not.  The film's star, Bruce Willis, voiced his opinion at the end of a Comedy Central Roast in 2018 by stating that "Die Hard is NOT a Christmas Movie..."

Well, I'm here to tell you that, with all due respect to Hans Gruber, Bruce was wrong.   A colleague of mine, recently wrote his 5 reasons why "Die Hard" is NOT a Christmas Movie, and much like the Myth Busters, I am here to debunk them.

REASON #1 - It COULD Happen On Any Other Day Of The Year - Sure, the movie is set in December. But this movie could also happen on May 17th, August 30th, or literally any other day or season of the year. Christmas movies can only happen during the Christmas season.

Credit - YouTube
Credit - YouTube

DEBUNKED - It actually couldn't. The movie starts with our hero John, on a flight home to see his family for Christmas, as he goes to leave the plane, we hear the flight attendant say "Welcome to Los Angles, have a Very Merry Christmas".  It would be silly if he took a flight on May 17th, and we heard that over the planes PA. Plus if you count, there are 11 unique Christmas trees shown in the film in 19 different shots.  That would look awfully out of place for a film taking place in August. 

REASON #2 - Christmas Movies Don't Have Automatic Rifles - When you think of Christmas you think of Santa, Elves, Reindeers, and presents. You don't think of assault rifles.

Credit - YouTube
Credit - YouTube

DEBUNKED - Sure we do! Home Alone is a Xmas movie, right? That features Smith & Wesson revolvers, and Colt Sub Machine Guns,

REASON #3 - Over The Top Action/Violence - Once again when you think of Christmas you think of wholesome family fun. Not people dying and buildings getting blown up.

DEBUNKED - Again, see Home Alone. The Wet Bandits would argue that there was plenty of over-the-top action and violence in that Holiday classic.


REASON #4 - It's R Rated - Die Hard was rated R for strong language, some nudity, and violence. Probably not the movie you want to watch with your little ones or your grandparents.

DEBUNKED - Two words. See another Christmas movie classic - Bad Santa

Reason #5 - Blood Everywhere -Sure red is a color associated with Christmas, but blood red is not the color most people associated with the happy holiday season.

Credit - YouTube
Credit - YouTube

Ok, Dave, ya got me here on the blood thing. But I'm not willing to concede the battle due to a little red stuff.

So in closing, I feel I have strongly stated my case as to why Die Hard IS a Christmas Movie.  Actually, it may be THE BEST Christmas Movie of all time.

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