After the popular YouTube video of a man 'texting while walking'...directly into a mall fountain blew up, instead of just providing us with a good laugh at his misfortune, the idea of using your cellphone, while operating...your legs...has turned into something that could be considered quite dangerous.

The rumors began Tuesday in Philadelphia branching off of the city's "Give Respect, Get Respect" program. The rumor was that due to this city wide initiative, any pedestrian caught texting and not looking up while walking was eligible for a $120 fine. A local news station picked up on the story, and due to the wonderful internet, word spread all over the city almost instantly. The stories even included direct quotes from Deputy Mayor Rina Cutler, however when Cutler was confronted by the media she adamantly denied the claims, questioning if that was even a ticket-able offense.

As dumb as it may sound there is support for such laws, two other states have described the act as 'annoying and dangerous' going as far as lumping cellphones and i-pods into one category and suggesting one ear bud must always be out...while walking. Read the full article on to read the list of reasons as to why some lawmakers justify the law. It details all the regulations that are being proposed to restrict texting while walking and even highlights some tragic deaths that allegedly are the result of texting and walking.

All in all, it is NOT true that you can get fined in the City of Philadelphia for 'texting and walking,' the city  Mayor quickly jumped on Twitter when he got wind, and put a quick end to the rumors. However, be aware that the law is not far from being a possible reality.

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