Nicki Minaj‘s video for ‘Starships’ is essentially the live action equivalent of the Sports Illustrated annual Swimsuit Issue. We see the buxom rapper cavorting around in a variety of bathing suits. Her body is banging, so she is not afraid to show it off. More power to her.

The video is certainly a signpost of summer, and not just because of Minaj’s skimpy attire, as the singer splashes around in the ocean in the opening segment. She is wearing a pink (no surprise there!) bikini, showing off that curvy and enviable figure of hers. Her bootay is in full view, several times. At first, while Miss Minaj is wearing a bright yellow wig, her girls are big, bouncy and beautiful in her “pinkini,” if you will.

Twitter’s prodigal daughter — she returned this week- swaps outfits and wigs multiple times, like any self-respecting pop diva should. All of her bathing suits incorporate at least some pink in ‘em, while she rocks a short, green, bobbed wig as well as a choppy lavender one. We like her flowing, platinum locks, too. It’s never a dull moment in Minaj’s world or her videos.

There are no UFOs in the video. Instead, during the final sequence, we witness lots of Minaj dancing, jumping and showing off those assets, surrounded by lots of hard-bodied male dancers, as well.

She is the starship that’s meant to fly.

Watch Nicki Minaj, ‘Starships’ Video

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