Nicki Minaj's worldwide popularity means that when she says something, everyone listens. Take this line from her Beyonce-assisted song "Feeling Myself," off her new album, The Pinkprint: "Kitty on peak, pretty on fleek / Pretty gang, always keep them n----s on geek." "Fleek," which entered the pop culture lexicon last year, certainly wasn't created by the rapper but after making the term even more popular with her lyrics, she's calling out Christina Milian for using the lingo to sell clothing.

On Sunday (March 1), the Queens, N.Y. native posted an Instagram photo of Milian wearing a hoodie with "Pretty on Fleek" decorated on its front. "Fleek by Onika -- I saw Christina sellin tshirts that say Pretty On Fleek. I was waiting on my percentage at the door. *tilts head*," she wrote.

Milian, who is rumored to be dating Minaj's boss Lil Wayne, posted the original image on her own Instagram page two days ago, directing her fans to purchase the sweatshirt over at

After the MC put the Christian Milian: Turned Up star on blast, she deleted the image from her social media account, but not before it was captured in a screenshot that can be viewed below. Milian then clapped back at Minaj -- ever so politely -- for insinuating that she had no right to use the word without her permission.

"Hey boo. Been saying #OnFleek everything for a while now.. But I'm not afraid to share. Most biz these days on shirts and etc is based off new Pop Culture quotes. That's why it's called line is called We Are Pop Culture. More of an homage. I see it pretty often. But if you feel any kind of way I'm not a greedy Biatch. the girl that said #OnFleek in first place must be on cloud 9 now," the singer wrote as a comment on the rhymer's Instagram page.

While both entertainers kept their notes free from disrespect, it's clear they each have strong opinions. This incident doesn't seem like it will carry out into a crazy beef, but rather it's just a misunderstanding between peers. Milian explained herself further on Twitter. "I don't know how to even read these tweets these days.. So confused.. lol  still love Ya though @NICKIMINAJ," the 33-year-old shared. Minaj responded with, "All good babe."

Knowing the strong support system Nicki Minaj has with her Barbz, it's a good thing that didn't escalate to Beyhive and Kid Rock status.


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