Saturday turned out to be a record-setting day across Western New York.

A major warm front swept across New York State and with that warm front came record-breaking high temperatures.

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Buffalo, Rochester, and Watertown all set new daily record high temperatures according to the National Weather Service.

The run of really nice weather looks like it will end this week. We will see a return back to normal for much of New York State this week. The cooldown will start today with possible scattered rain showers for parts of the state and then a cold front will come through later this week.

That cold front will bring the temperatures back to normal for this time of year. The average daily high temperature is around 52 degrees.

Looking ahead, the temperatures will start to slowly drop and it looks like the chance of snow will increase with possible snow showers expected across the state starting around November 18th.

So hopefully you had a chance to enjoy the record-breaking temperature on Saturday because it looks like we won't see them anytime soon.

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