Getting older is inevitable for everything and everyone. Some look forward to becoming seasoned, others not so much. As human beings, we all look forward to the day that we may be able to retire comfortably. But what happens to man's best friend?

Some dogs that become older are given up for a number of reasons. Maybe their owner is no longer able to care for them. Or sometimes, unfortunately, the time, care, and financial strain become too much of a burden. their health and care put on the owners.

Older dogs are a challenge to help get adopted because it does take special people that understand the situations that may occur while in their care and that is why one organization is looking to help dogs retire comfortably.

Welcome, White Whiskery Senior Dog Sanctuary. WGRZ reports that Polla Milligan is the founder and President of this great initiative. Polla worked for the SPCA in Niagara County and her experiences there jumpstarted this personal pet endeavor.

Right now the plans are to purchase a secured property for the dogs to roam, run, or relax both indoors and outside. No kennels for these canines. They will be free to go where they want and that includes the furniture.

There is so much you can do to help White Whiskers raise the proper funds needed to finance this cause. From donating your time, making a monetary donation, or shopping through various agencies that support White Whiskers HERE.

As mentioned, Polla worked for the Niagara County SPCA and as of now they do currently have five older dogs that would love to be home with you and you can visit them HERE.

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