Yesterday morning one of the most case altering testimonies was given by 20 year old Gerry Davis whom was allegedly with the suspect moments after the shootings occurred. According to Davis, not only did he claim to have seen McCray shoot one of the victims in the back of the head, he was also sitting shot gun in McCray’s get away car.

During his testimony, Davis recalled that night and shared with jurors that he was indeed in McCray's getaway car. Allegedly, only seconds after the shootings,  McCray got into the vehicle asking repeatedly “What’d I do? What’d I do?" and began vomiting in his panicked state.

At this point Davis knew the situation was bad, but things got more complicated when the murder weapon was unveiled and the men in the vehicle decided it was time to dispose of it. The driver identified as David Lawson, then handed the gun to Gerry Davis, the exact gun that Davis claims he witnessed McCray fire, and instructed him “When I get to this bridge, throw it over the side.” A reluctant Davis then grabbed the gun with his own shirt, careful to avoid fingerprints and threw the weapon over a Riverside bridge. A bridge in which Davis could not recall the location of, or give a valid description.

The three men then went to the Riverside home of a woman involved with McCray, where Lawson helped McCray in and returned out with his vomit and blood soaked shirt to dispose of.

Although Lawson did turn his car in to be checked for evidence NINE days after the shooting, he is resistant to cooperate with police and still refuses to testify.

Police account that Davis expressed his want to not be involved in the getaway; also commenting that he seemed ‘nervous and afraid.’ However, Davis is also currently incarcerated for robbery and there is speculation that he may only be offering his testimony in hopes that it will affect the outcome of his own criminal proceedings.

And if you missed the letter that Ricardo McCray wrote proclaiming his innocence, read it here, and share what you think.

Is this an honest proclamation of a man wrongly accused? Or is this a pathetic attempt to sway public opinion and create pity for a murderer?  Do you think Buffalo Police is wrong for not further investigating more than one shooter? Are the Police using McCray as a scapegoat to make themselves look better? What do you think about his lawyer? Is it fair that McCray has limited access to his evidence? Or do you think the lawyer needs to involve his defendant in order to ensure him a fair trial?