Dr. Andrew Fauci is the Director of NIAID (The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases ...he is the real deal and he has a new directive regarding COVID-19 pandemic ... PROTECT YOUR EYES.

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The President of the United States, Donald Trump, has introduced doubt in the minds of people in the U.S. regarding Dr. Fauci's competence ras it relates to COVID-19, which has caused many Americans to mimic President's Trump assessment of Dr. Fauci.  So to clear up any doubt as to Dr. Fauci's capabilities, watch this video (below) and then watch the interview with Dr. Fauci pertaining to his new directive to protect yourself from getting COVID-19.

Here's Dr. Fauci's interview with ABC News:

This advice from Dr. Fauci is a bit late but useful in helping all us protect ourselves from contracting COVID-19.  As people are dying from unexpectedly being exposed to this virus, COVID-19, I don't feel that it's wise to play around with any doubt as to what a credible doctor is telling us.  Dr. Fauci has served 6 Presidents and is a celebrated doctor who has no reason to lie to us.  Please protect yourself...your eyes as well... I'm following the advice if the good doctor myself...as you can see...I even wore my Bengals cap...because the Bengals CAN'T CATCH ANYTHING!

Todd Anderson
Todd Anderson




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