Check out Mama Africa's Google Doodle and if you don't know about this powerful woman's legacy, get familiar inside with the birthday girl inside.

If you've ever noticed on the Google homepage there is always an artistic tribute to a special person, place or event. And to my surprise, this was up there today (3/4/13)!

I gotta give the Google Doodlers props for this one. Millions of people are being introduced to Singer/Activist Miriam Makeba on what would be her 81st birthday.


Ms. Makeba played a big role in several important cultural movements across her 50-year career. She stood up against apartheid, acting as one of South Africa's most vocal activists. She played with Paul Simon and Harry Belafonte, introducing African music to many in the West. She became the first African woman to win a Grammy. And she helped shape the modern "Afro look."

Watch this 10 min documentary for more about her impressive career.

Mama Africa's most popular song is "Pata Pata" which translates into English as "Touch it Touch It"! The dance hit quickly rose to the No. 12 spot on the Billboard Hot 100. Time magazine called her the "most exciting new singing talent to appear in many years."

Watch her bust a move below!


After apartheid fell apart, Makeba carried on with her music. She performed until the very end, playing a concert on the day that she died in 2008.