If you are like many people in Buffalo or anywhere for that matter, you probably have gift cards lying around that you forgot that you even had. I'm personally one of those people that get gift cards and forget about them all the time. There are some retailers that we all know struggled during the pandemic, and some of them have closed their doors permanently already. I'm cautiously optimistic that the Delta Variant will not shut us down, and take us back to March of 2020, but here is a list of big retailers that have already been affected, and just like any company involved in retail, could be affected as well.

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    • Lord & Taylor filed for bankruptcy in August of 2020, Lord & Taylor was one of the nations oldest department stores, I was actually sad to see this store close its stores because not only was it a great store, but I had fun there as a DJ during their special sale days.
    • Guitar Center filed bankruptcy in November of 2020, they are still open here in Buffalo, the guitar center is the country's biggest retailer of musical instruments with over 300 stores worldwide. This is a store that has great service and good equipment but after a bankruptcy, I would use my gift cards quickly.
    • Chuck E Cheese, had over 600 restaurants, pizza's and arcade games that we all loved. The chain closed its doors in Buffalo in 2020. I personally lost money on gift cards from this restaurant.
    • GNC is known for its healthy food products and vitamin supplements, the company filed for bankruptcy in 2020, they are still open, but they have taken a big hit because of the number of shopping malls that have closed their doors and that was where you could find many of their stores. I have personally bought from this store and it has great service, in my opinion, but I would not hold on to a gift card from this store.

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