Mike Epps, who was recently in Buffalo, celebrated his birthday @ a Hollywood nightclub call TRU, according to (tmz.com)...but it was not a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! )

According to tmz.com Mike Epps was being heckled by an unidentified man near his VIP Table (off stage) and too avoid any further confrontation with the patron Mike Epps went outside to cool off.  When Mike went outside he saw the heckler and went after him...(as seen in the Security Surveillance Video below...although you can't see the man and Mike interact because it's outside of the camera's view).

After the confusion outside, Mike Epps went back inside and the party proceeded normally until there where "reportedly" gun shots or a gun shot fired inside the club (although LAPD found no shells anywhere) and the crowd panicked (as seen in the Security Video below) and dispersed as everyone bolted towards the exit.

The event was a private event and was supposedly not open to the public, according to tmz.com news story.


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