A suspicious Instagram account was created within the last few days and started to follow people in Western New York; now people are concerned that there may be a violent attack by the Instagram user.

When you get a follow request or a notification on Instagram that someone followed you, you may squint your eyes and try to see if the picture looks familiar to determine whether or not you know the person. However, not everybody decides to click on the profile and read their Instagram bio.

Thankfully, one Buffalo resident did look into this suspicious profile after receiving a follow request from an unfamiliar account. 

She posted a screenshot of her findings on Facebook, and it quickly reached hundreds of shares as people were alarmed to the potential threat. 

The Instagram user, @adam2322022, had a bio that read:

“I used to go to maritime (emoji) it’s time for revenge….March 18, 2022 I will be killing in sight at 3:30 only warning think I’m playing just watch !! (100 emoji)”

Shneika shared the post on Facebook to make people aware of the potential threat. She said, “I’m not sure what’s going on but please be aware.”

Western New Yorkers started to share the post to make people aware, and some parents said that they sent the information to the school as well as the Buffalo police.

One Maritime parent confirmed in the comments section on Facebook that the school had notified families, saying, “Just got the call and email! Smh.”

Be careful and stay safe.

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