It’s NewTube Thursday and this week it’s all about living, loving, and partying through life so if you’re in your zone and representing like every day is your birthday let us see the best of you! 


Ludacris Ft. Kelly Rowland
Luda brought the brown ice to freeze this video and that’s what she did, these two have great chemistry on screen. They kept it clean but the whole video is pretty sexy. Enjoy

The Weeknd ft Drake

He’s back again for the third time and is making his presence know and not just with his voice and lyrical content, but with his captivating visuals that keeps you guessing the purpose behind it and he even brought along his home town friend Mr. Up-top North North OVOXO flow.

Tyrese- Best of Me
I figured we smooth it out just little bit and bring some love to the tube plus it was about time Tyrese re-appeared on the music scene and he isn’t just coming back with that voice but he has altered his appearance a little… By the way his leading lady is America’s Next Top Kold Joint Enjoy

Swizz Beatz ft Chris Brown and Ludacris
The fact that these 3 men show their sense of humor ,personality and how they party made a good video filled with excitement and it matched their own personal style in the music that they make which made the song GREAT … Now go hit the floor!

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#######  BONUS #########

Kendrick Lamar ft Lady Gaga

The title is self explanatory and the lyrics make you think about a lot of underlying issues … have you ever wonder why some artist want to be famous?

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