The two-hour series finale of 'Supernatural' will premiere on The CW on November 19. We have your chance to win 'Supernatural' Super-Bucks. Find out how to win.

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The 15th and final season of Supernatural is coming to a close. You can catch the series finale on WNLO, CW23 Buffalo at 8 PM ET this Thursday, November 19.

Listen with Yasmin Young during the 3 pm hour this week for your chance to win $100 in Super-Bucks, with a grand prize of $200 in Super-Bucks! You just have to correctly answer the Supernatural Superfan quiz question.

You can stream new episodes on Fridays for free on The CW app!

Credit: The CW Network via Youtube

Supernatural's series finale is yet to come, but the penultimate episode resolved all of season 15's major plot threads - here's what happened when Sam and Dean Winchester faced Chuck one final time. Even by Supernatural's standards, season 15 has been quite a journey. ~ ScreenRant

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