We are EXCITED! The Insane Inflatable 5K makes it’s way back to Western New York this August, but it's not the same old thing as last year! We have all new insane inflatables for you and your team to challenge yourselves on. And let's face it -- this 5k is the most fun one in town! Where else do you get the chance to be a kid again and not be judged! LOL!

The 2016 course includes six brand new obstacle designs, alongside fan favorites from the Insane Inflatable 5K’s 2015 tour. The signature inflatables range in size and complexity, including “Waverunner,” a 100 foot long obstacle testing balance, agility, flexibility and endurance.

Crash Course,” the ultimate test of your ability to duck, dodge and push through hanging obstacles from start to finish:

The Mad House,” an obstacle that will make you climb, weave and maneuver your way through this intricate and challenging new inflatable:

You won’t know what hit you, literally!

Head over to insaneinflable5k.com now to get signed up for the August 13th Buffalo Insane Inflatable at Knox Farm State Park!
Below are the new obstacles that will be at Evangeline Downs for this years amazing course. See you there!


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