Every year, Miami Heat guard Shane Battie holds an annual karaoke event called Battioke, in which basketball players embarrass themselves by singing popular songs.

This year, Heat superstar LeBron James grabbed the mic to perform the classic twerk song 'Back That Azz Up' by Juvenile.

We haven’t seen a baller display such finesse on the microphone since Shaquille O’Neal dropped 'I Got Skillz.' We jest, of course.

Fellow Heat player Michael Beasley came onstage to help out Bron-Bron but he didn’t need the assist.

Elsewhere, Heat forward James Jones rocked a huge dollar sign chain to perform Justin Timberlake’s part on 'Holy Grail' with Norris Cole on the Jay-Z assist.

In another video, Greg Oden and Shane Battier performed the Backstreet Boys classic 'I Want It That Way' with a special appearance from actor Ken Jeong from the 'Hangover' franchise.

Fun times was had by all.

Watch James Jones & Norris Cole Perform Jay Z's 'Holy Grail'

Watch Shane Battier, Greg Oden & Ken Jeong Perform the Backstreet Boys' 'I Want It That Away'

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