Music is what I live for. Anyone who knows me, knows that my music is always blasting and I am always jammin'. There were so many songs on our WBLK playlist that I loved playing for you this year. I chose my Top 10 of 2010 so you know which songs I was ALWAYS singin' in our studio :)

10 -- Lay With You *El Debarge & Faith Evans* I love the vibe to this song! Makes me wanna stay home and cuddle up with a special someone. Very classy track.

9 -- Love Like This *Donell Jones* From the first moment I heard this one, I fell in love with the beat. Donell Jones has a way of making you sway to his voice. The combination made for a beautiful single.

8 -- Down On Me *Jeremih & 50 Cent* Again, this beat is just great! Jeremih went for a new kind of sound with Down On Me and an unexpected collaboration with 50 Cent. Definitely made me want to party.

7 -- Pretty Girl Rock *Keri Hilson* This song is such an inspiration for young ladies to carry themselves right. To have confidence that we're all beautiful and deserve the best in life. I give Kudos to Keri for her new album. She really shows her range, not only in vocal skills, but in subject matter.

6 -- I Don't Care *Raheem Devaughn* This is one of those songs that just makes you feel good listening to it. Raheem Devaughn is so talented and he always knows what to say to the ladies and he definitely Knows Thyself!  

5 -- Hey Daddy *Usher*  This man keeps delivering the hits we love and it was so hard to chose just one of the many amazing songs he realeased this year. No matter where I am, when this Usher jam comes on, I'm groovin' to the beat and singin' along!

4 -- Nothin On You *B.o.B. & Bruno Mars* Another track I sing along with every time it plays. It's a cute song that any girl would want to hear from a boo or lover. B.o.B. and Bruno are both amazing, young artists that have a lot to give. This collaboration was just a small taste of what they can do.

3 -- One In A Million *Ne-Yo* This beat is CRAZY! I love listening to the combination of the sound and Ne-Yo's voice. To me, it's a perfect match and a sound we haven't really heard from Ne-Yo before.

2 -- Imma Love You Right *John Brown* I remember the first time I heard the song, I was here in the studio and my exact thought was: "I HAVE to find out who this guy is! I Love his voice!" So I looked for a few days and.... no luck. Then, a breakthrough on Twitter lead me to him and I could finally put a face to a name. I got in contact with him and now, we stay in touch pretty often. Very down to earth, passionate, and incredibly talented. Just wait until he unleashes some of the music he's got for us!

1 -- In The Morning *Urban Mystic* M.m.m. Every single time this song comes on, I am gracefully forced into a bliss of musical relaxation. Urban Mystic's voice is PERFECT for the beat and the lyrics. The song was on replay in my car for at LEAST two weeks when I finally got it on a cd. Seriously, something about this song just catches you and doesn't let go until it's over. Hey, I'm not complaining.  

So there you have it. My favorite songs of the year! Let me know which songs were your favorites too!

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