There's a website you can visit that directs you to different Bowling Centers across the Unites States whereas your family and kids can bowl FREE All  Summer Long... it's called (Click the link below after watching video for all the details)

You get two free games a day (Monday through Friday) from May 15 until August 31 between the hours of 9:00 am and 7:00 pm,

When you figure there are 76 days between may 15 and August 31, and you get 2 games of FREE Bowling per day (which would normally be  $3.00 per game, you end up getting a whopping $456 worth of bowling FREE of charge. Shoe Rental is not included but WOW, what a Great Deal.

There have been More than 14 million kids at 1,100 bowling alleys across the United States and Canada who have signed up for the Kids Bowl Free program since 2009.

Locally, the Kids Bowl Free Program is available at:

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